Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Drake & Wayne (Ft. Jadakiss) "It's Good" (Jay-Z Diss?!)

It seems as if the Young Money entrepreneur is going full throttle and doesn't plan on stopping. Lil Wayne just released a new song titled "It's Good" featuring fellow companion Drake, Aubrey Graham, and the underrated "rough rider" Jadakiss. The only big question about the song is what exactly did Wayne mean when he said "You who are rich and whose troubles are few, may come around to see my point of view, what price the crown of the king on his throne?, when you're chained in the dark all alone." This quote is a part of the lyrics that Wayne spit on the new track and rumors claim that the king he was referring to was Jay-Z. Jadakiss and Drizzy also have some lyrics that are said to be talking about Jigga too but this really hasn't been confirmed yet. It's been heard that this will be considered as another track leaked off the most anticipated albums coming out this year by Wayne, The Carter IV. The album will be including known songs such as "She Will" (Ft. Drake), "6 Foot 7 Foot (Ft. Corey Gunz), "Nightmare Of The Bottom", and let's not forget Wayne's new single "How To Love" which he has a music video for already.

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  1. It's not so much that Wayne dissed on him, it's more of a point of view on some things. There's always like a rapper/respect thing when it comes to addressing other rappers (Unless your biggie & pac)